Curriculum @ The Key Gosport


All pupils study English in KS3 and KS4. English teaching is supported by our whole school Word Power initiative which seeks to expand pupils' vocabulary (in response to the findings of Alex Quigley in Closing the Vocabulary Gap, 2018) and our emerging Raising Readers programme which aims to encourage pupils to find enjoyment and confidence in reading (in response to Alex Quigley Closing the Reading Gap, 2020).

English intervention programmes are utilised to support identified learning needs and learning gaps.

All pupils are supported to achieve Level 1 and/or Level 2 Functional Skills English qualifications during the course of their time at The Key

KS4 pupils are entered for the English Language GCSE and, where appropriate, the English Literature GCSE.


All pupils study Maths at KS3 and KS4. Maths teaching is also supported by the use of the online programmes MyMaths and Times Table Rockstars which support pupils to access additional maths content outside of lessons.

Maths intervention programmes are utilised to support identified learning needs and learning gaps.

All pupils are supported to achieve Level 1 and/or Level 2 Functional Skills Maths qualifications during the course of their time at The Key

KS4 pupils are entered for the Maths GCSE and, where appropriate, some pupils can be entered for the Statistics GCSE.


All pupils study science at KS3 and KS4. As part of our KS3 curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to complete an Entry Level qualification in Science. The aim of this course is to build pupil confidence in their ability to access the science curriculum and aid their transition to KS4. All pupils at KS4 cover the GCSE Single Science Biology Course. Pupils are able to complete a Combined Science course or the Chemistry and Physics courses where appropriate.

Life Skills

Life Skills is accessed by all pupils in KS3 and KS4. The Life Skills curriculum includes careers and post-16 education, mental health and sex and relationship education. The curriculum also supports explication teaching of matters related to British Values such as the Rule of Law and democracy alongside exploration of equality and diversity issues and other topics which support pupils' personal development.

Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught to pupils at KS3 and KS4 and provides them with the skill to be able to design and create a range of products.

Pupils in KS4 have the opportunity to achieve an NCFE or GCSE accreditation.


Art is accessed by all pupils in KS3 and KS4. Our Art teacher work closely with Hampshire Cultural Trust's Horizon 20:20 programme which gives our pupils access to a range of practicing artists and experience of working in different mediums.

Pupils are supported to achieve Arts Awards Accreditations at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.


Pupils in KS3 and KS4 all have access to weekly catering lessons. The subject seeks to provide pupils with an understanding of food from a range of different cultures, how to cook on a budget and the principles of healthy eating. These lessons also support pupils basic literacy and numeracy skills alongside their communication skills.

Pupils have the opportunity to achieve a Level 2 Health and Hygiene accreditation to support future employment.


Humanities is taught to all KS3 pupils on the Gosport site. Many of our pupils missed key learning during their primary school years so our curriculum seeks to respond to learning gaps and support the development of our pupils' cultural capital through exploration of a range of topics linked to history, geography and religious studies.


All pupils in KS3 and KS4 participate in PE lessons each week. Our PE curriculum supports pupils to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, team work and how engaging in physical activity can support self-regulation and mental health.

Pupils in KS4 have the opportunity to achieve a V-Cert accreditation.


The Psychoeducation curriculum is completed by all pupils and is closely aligned with the Attachment and Trauma Informed (ATIP) work completed by all Key staff members. During every lesson, pupils consider and discuss topics of gratitude and weekly goals for the week, then move onto the main topic for the week. It is developed on a foundation of the way in which behaviour is linked closely to thoughts, feelings and emotions. Over the year, pupils will discuss and learn about brain development and the neuroscience of stressful influences on behaviour, study emotions in detail, develop self-regulation skills and start to refine a clear and positive sense of identity, underpinned by evidence-based Emotion Coping skills based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.


Now that COVID restrictions have lifted, we have restarted our enrichment curriculum with our partners at Bedales. We are looking forward to bringing a new group to the school to experience a wide range of opportunities, including forging and blacksmithing, rustic cooking, making pizzas in the wood-fired oven, foraging, beekeeping, erecting fences and foliage, as well as animal husbandry, including walking, grooming and feeding the various animals, such as chickens, sheep, goats and ponies.

Each group will consist of two pupils from The Key Gosport and The Key Havant, promoting positive interaction with pupils outside their typical cohort, with each group's time on the programme lasting approximately 6/7 weeks. The pupils also will start to develop positive relationships with pupils at Bedales, collaborating with them on various activities in the Outdoor Work Department.

Careers and Post-16

Careers Education is predominantly delivered through our Life Skills curriculum. All pupils in KS4 are supported to explore Post-16 options and apply for future destinations alongside one-to-one careers advice. Our Careers and Post-16 provision is underpinned by The Gatsby Benchmarks.


RSHE at The Key covers the statutory requirements of the RSE Curriculum as well as covering a range of content related to pupils' personal development. Aspects of RSHE are mapped throughout our curriculum but it is also delivered on a weekly basis as part of our tutoring programme.