• Mrs J Hiscock

The Bird Box Project At The Key

Since October, five Year 6 pupils from Woodcot Primary have been visiting The Key each Tuesday after school to work on The Bird Box Project with Miss Walker, Mr Hiscock and Mrs Hiscock. Week by week the children have created and made their own bird boxes by following instructions and learning new skills such as drilling, measuring, sanding and assembly within the workshop.

Although they were initially very cautious about coming into The Key, the children have become confident and comfortable in an environment that, until recently, was completely unknown them. It has been wonderful to see them develop so quickly. The staff at The Key hope that the project will help to make the children's transition to their chosen secondary school smooth and easy. Certainly, the time they have spent in the technology workshop has allayed some of their fears and worries about going to 'big school'.

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