• Mrs L Sherwood

Simpsons, Sweets & Skills - Maths At The Key

In Maths so far in this term, we have covered a wide range of topics, not least geometry. We have looked at how to plot coordinates, draw shapes and recognise vertices/edges and sides of different types of shapes.

We have also studied percentages, decimals and fractions by comparing different types of sweets and analysing them. We have considered why some packets contain very few of one colour and many of another colour. Pupils were asked to complete a display of this information including percentages, decimals and fractions. They were also asked to complete a suitable chart for the display. The picture above shows George S's comparison of Fruit Pastilles with Starbursts.

This term we have achieved some amazing Functional Skills results. We are pleased to announce that 17 pupils have currently passed the Level 1 exam. This is an incredible achievement for these pupils and we wish to congratulate them all. Well done!

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