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Straw Towers & Christmas Decorations - The Autumn Term In The Design & Tech Department

It was a busy autumn term in the Design & Technology department. As in all terms, some fantastic making took place and most of the pupils enjoyed using tools, equipment and machinery to fashion raw materials into useful and attractive artefacts.

Two activity days saw all pupils trying to make a straw tower hold a golf ball as high as possible, as well as trying to roll as many marbles into a target using a device made from scrap materials. In addition to being great fun, these activities enabled pupils to learn about structures and about experimenting to obtain directional and distance control.

We also 'upcycled' some chairs and tables and have started using them in the dining area. Thanks to the pupils' efforts, the furniture - which was all free - has gone from looking dreary and tired to becoming vibrant and unique. We also have used some recycled wood, mainly from pallets, to make garden features and, in one case, a Christmas tree.

In our Enterprise groups, we designed and made Christmas decorations and sold them at our open afternoon and at the Woodcot School Christmas Fair. The pupils enjoyed the making and also the discussions on pricing, quantity, quality, design and presentation. All in all, a profit of over £100 was achieved.

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