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Listen And Voice Opinions - Votes For Schools At The Key

Votes For Schools is a voting resource that enables schools to encourage pupils to consider topical issues.

Each week a tutor session - which includes a teacher-led debate - is devoted to a topical issue inspired by the weekly news agenda. Pupils are shown various resources that might include news clips, website articles or expert opinions during the session to help them make a decision. The session concludes with the pupils making an informed decision leading to a Yes or No vote on the given topic.

Once the votes have been cast and entered onto the Votes For Schools website, we are then able to see how voting at The Key compares with schools in Hampshire and across the UK.

Below is a selection of recent topics showing similarities and differences in results between The Key's pupils and the average across both Hampshire and the UK:

Votes For Schools encourages respect for other people’s views and helps develop the ability to listen and to voice opinions without causing offence. This is the first step towards understanding democratic practice and British Values. It is always very interesting listening to the views of pupils on the topics covered.

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