• Mr O Ward

Expanding Horizons - Geography At The Key

The introduction of Geography to The Key's curriculum this year has been a resounding success. Pupils have covered such varied topics as coastal engineering, development in poorer countries, ecosystems and urbanisation around the world. This has enabled them to engage with some of the most pressing questions that are affecting the world today, such as climate change and global inequality. It has also helped them develop their knowledge of current affairs, as well as improve their ability to take turns and participate in challenging discussions.

We are currently discussing global development: specifically the impact of ‘sweatshop’ exploitation in poorer countries. We have focussed on the tragic factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed many people, as well as learning what options developed countries have for offering help, such as the Fairtrade initiative. The response of the pupils to this material has been fantastic: all of them condemned such behaviour and expressed the need for such situations to be rectified.

When the weather improves, we will complete some fieldwork by visiting Hayling Island beach. This will provide pupils with an opportunity to combine and reinforce their theoretical knowledge of coastal defences with practical observations.

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