• Mrs L Sherwood

Functional Skills Success - Maths At The Key

Over the summer term, pupils at The Key have been studying fractions, decimals and percentages. They have been able to covert between the three, turning a fraction into a decimal and then into a percentage. For example: ¼ = 0.25 = 25%.

During the current half-term, pupils have carried out some revision of area and of how to calculate the area of shapes, including triangles, rectangles and squares, amongst others. Pupils have tried to combine different shapes together in order to calculate the total area. For example: a triangle and a square or two different rectangles.

The three GCSE Maths examination papers were taken very seriously by all pupils this year. The papers proved to be quite challenging; several questions were rather tricky. We are looking forward to finding out the pupils' results in August.

Finally, we are thrilled that, over the course of this academic year, 23 pupils passed Maths Functional Skills Level 1, including pupil HT, who was the youngest person to take the test. Well done HT! During the next few months, we will consider entering these pupils for Level 2.

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