• Mrs L Sherwood

A New Addition To The Team - Maths At The Key

In September, we welcomed a new teacher to the Maths department: Mrs Penberthy will be working at The Key three days a week, focusing particularly on numeracy. She comes to us from Brune Park School, where she has taught for 13 years.

In Numeracy this term, pupils have been working on practising prime numbers, factors and multiples. They have been working towards mastery in number skills. This will continue as we proceed into the second half of the autumn term.

In Maths, pupils have been working on their skills in the areas of transformation, translation, enlargement and symmetry. They will soon be moving on to probability. They have considered the probability of winning the lottery and how your chances of winning decrease as the numbers increase.

Finally, we have begun thinking about this year's entries for Functional Skills in Maths, at both Levels 1 and 2. We hope that any pupils we enter will be successful, as colleges look favourably on anyone with this qualification on their CV.

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