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The Tastiest Pizzas Ever - The Key's Pupils Go To Bedales

This year at The Key, we have set up a partnership with Bedales, an independent day and boarding school located in the village of Steep just outside Petersfield. Since the school's founding in 1893 - and the establishment of its mantra of 'the hand, the head and the heart' - Bedales staff have considered that offering a wide-ranging curriculum is the most effective way to develop their pupils. They have now offered the fantastic opportunity for a few of our pupils to visit every Tuesday afternoon and participate in some of the many activities that they offer.

So far, we have practised our skills in blacksmithing, using traditional forges to heat and sculpt metal, in order to produce a coat hook that will be attached to locally-chopped rustic wood. We have also used the school's pizza oven to bake some of the tastiest pizzas I have ever eaten. This has involved rolling freshly-made dough and using ingredients picked from Bedales farm, including fresh basil, lamb meatballs from the school sheep and locally-grown mushrooms. In the weeks to come, we are hopefully going to be fishing, farming, using the country kitchen, gardening, willowing, as well as taking part in more traditional activities such as sculpting clay models and using the recording facilities in the Bedales studio.

The aim of this partnership is to provide The Key's pupils with the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that they perhaps were not already aware of, allowing them not only to develop new skills but also to meet and work alongside pupils from a contrasting background. This will hopefully enable everyone involved to realise that the differences between them are outnumbered by their common points!

Bedales' fantastic staff have made all of us feel welcomed, to the extent that the partnership has become a major focus of the week for our pupils. Although there was some hesitation when we first drove onto the Bedales site - which is more like a small town! - the pupils soon loved the hands-on work, revelling in the ability to get 'stuck in' with both the blacksmithing and pizza making. Indeed, the ease with which our pupils have settled into the Tuesday afternoon sessions is a testament to the level of effort put in from both sides. We are aiming to continue this partnership into the new year, when I shall update everyone on how we are getting on.

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