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"I Set Miss On Fire" - Science At The Key

The first six weeks of this term have flown by with lots of progress being made in science. All our pupils started off the term looking beyond the world around them to the outer reaches of the universe. Discussions about alien life, the Mars Rover and what would happen to the human race once our Sun dies out were exciting and engaging for all involved. Pink group took their discussions about satellites one step further, designing their own personal satellites to aid in computer gaming, to help track family members and to just keep a record of their life. Their designs were carefully thought out, taking into account how fast they would need to travel in order to remain stationary over the same point on Earth and how high into orbit they would need to be placed.

Moving on from space we ventured into the exciting world of combustion... and everyone’s favourite practical task: setting Miss Allan on fire. Key Stage 4 pupils took part in one of their first GCSE Core Practical assessments where they investigated which alcohol fuel would create the largest temperature rise per gram of fuel used. This required a high degree of accurate measurement skills.

Our final topic of the half-term has been to look into the minuscule world of the building blocks of life: cells. Microscope work, magnification calculations and research into stem cell usage have proved to be a voyage of discovery for our pupils, all of whom have been amazed to discover just how small these fundamental parts of life really are.

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