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Ninjas Are Back! - Maths At The Key

I started my post at The Key in September and am very grateful for the warm welcome that I have received from the team. I am privileged to be able to work with such creative, energetic and sincere pupils and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the academic year will bring.

In Numeracy this half-term, pupils will begin by studying fractions and decimals. Pupils will be given an overview of the skills required to perform calculations and comparisons with fractions and decimals. Pupils will understand how to change between fractions, decimals and percentages.

In Maths this half-term, pupils will begin by studying ratio and proportion. Pupils will understand how to solve ratio problems (for example, how to share an amount into a given ratio). They will also understand the difference between finding a ratio and finding a proportion.

In addition, Numeracy Ninjas will be relaunched this half-term. This will take place during one Tutor a session a week and will involve pupils completing a 5-minute skills test. The test will include: 10 mental maths questions, 10 times tables questions and 10 questions on key topics that need to be mastered prior to studying Functional Skills or GCSE Maths. Pupils then mark the tests out of 30; their score corresponds to a particular colour Ninja Belt.

The aim of Numeracy Ninjas is to fill gaps in pupils’ basic numeracy skills, enabling them to access more advanced Maths concepts when they study Functional Skills Maths or GCSE Maths. Each week the highest performing and most improved pupils will be rewarded in assembly with a certificate and a prize.

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