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Skittles, Chess And Bottle Openers - Design & Tech At The Key

The focus for the last term has been: storage, games and toys. Some amazing projects have emerged from both, and the quality of making continues to improve. Traditional woodworking skills have gone into making shelves and coat hooks, as well as boxes and turned boxes on the lathe. There are cupboards, tables, stools and shoe storage containers currently being made to a good level. Chessboards and pieces have been made using a mixture of CADCAM and traditional methods. A wide variety of games has been made, including noughts and crosses, skittles, mini golf games, air hockey and tangram. All these have involved a combination of traditional and modern tools and processes.

We have also completed some metalworking projects and woodworking projects that have enabled pupils to gain AQA awards. Copper work with enamelling, bottle openers and tack hammers using mild steel have been produced, all to a good standard.

In addition to the aforementioned projects we have also been making Christmas decorations to sell at our open afternoon on Friday 14th December (starting at 12:20; all are invited). The proceeds from the sales will go towards a new pool table for the pupils to use at break-time, lunchtime and in PE lessons.

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