• Mrs L Sherwood

Functional Skills & Interventions - Core Subjects At The Key

So far this year we have had some amazing success stories in Functional Skills Maths and English. We have had more passes in both subjects than ever before. We are now starting to focus on the Level 2 qualifications; several pupils have asked to sit these.

In Maths, pupils have developed their understanding of averages, specifically in terms of calculating the mean and deciding when this particular average would be most useful or helpful.

Next week will see the start of our mock exams for year 11. These will take place over three days and will focus on Maths, English and Science. They will run each morning from 9:00 to 10:30 and will give our pupils the opportunity to prepare for their public exams in the summer term.

Finally, we recently started our one-to-one intervention programme, taught by Mrs Penberthy and Mrs Holt. This is designed to help pupils with different needs across all year groups to achieve their potential. Mrs Holt has had some great interest from the year 11 girls in English Literature and has chosen to study Blood Brothers with them. If any pupils or parents are interested in the intervention programme and think it may be beneficial to their child, they should get in touch with us soon.

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