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A Farming Life - The Key's Pupils At Bedales

The collaboration between Bedales and The Key has continued into 2019 with a new group of pupils.

The team that participated last year finished their ironwork hooks, which were beautifully mounted on polished wood with the help of Ms Walker in Design & Technology. The pupils also had a tour of the Bedales site, which included eating in the main hall, visiting the fantastic library, meeting some of the pupils in their accommodation and finally seeing the farm. The pupils fed the chicks, pigs and calves, and one was even given the responsibility to guide the sheep from the shearing pen round to their field.

The pupils were taught a valuable lesson in rural life when they prepared a sumptuous meal of fresh pasta and meatballs, the latter made using meat from the pigs they had fed only a few weeks earlier. This was definitely an excellent advertisement for free range farming!

The pupils also participated in some branding, using the forges to 'burn' letters onto wood. Right at the end of the year, our pupils met the new Bedales piglets.

Hopefully the new group will benefit from the experience just as much as the previous pupils did, not least when they tackle one of the upcoming activities: free range sausage making.

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