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Cupid, Hearts and Roses - Valentine’s Day At The Key

The 14th of February is a day to celebrate love, and this year the tradition continued at The Key. During break time, in addition to the usual toast and drinks, pupils were offered freshly-made, heart-shaped biscuits, baked and decorated by a fellow pupil.

Another highlight of the day was Red group’s exploration of concrete and abstract nouns to create interesting metaphors. They then created their own 'list poem' based on the theme of love (see below).

Other pupils tackled the Valentine’s Day Challenge by answering questions about the traditions of the day. Did you know that Valentine’s Day roses are red because of the Victorian idea of the language of flowers (floriography) in which red was associated with passion? The red rose is therefore a coded message of hidden passion!

Six Ways Of Looking At Love

1 - Love … is a waste of time.

2 - Love … is something that is true. It is a fact or belief that is accepted.

3 - Love … is not always sexual.

4 - Love … is a present.

5 - Love … is a thing given willingly to someone without payment.

6 - Love … is the state of being happy, content, joyful and cheerful.

Red Group

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