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Getting In The Shakespeare Mood - The Key's Pupils Visit Hampshire Wardrobe

Some of our pupils recently met a representative of Hampshire Cultural Trust for a Shakespearean costume workshop. Hosted at Hampshire Wardrobe, the event provided our pupils with an opportunity to access a wide range of educational resources which used drama and interactive experiences to bring history to life. As part of the activities, our pupils recreated the characters of Macbeth, Banquo and the three witches from Macbeth.

Following our visit, the Cultural Trust rep emailed us to say how much she enjoyed delivering the workshop. She wrote, "It was an absolute joy to work with three young people so willing to engage with both me and the collection. I was so impressed by their mannequins – their character interpretations were so creative and fun. I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did."

All the pupils said they had a great time boosting their confidence and working together to make their Shakespearean characters look authentic.

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