• Miss C Browne

The Best Of British - Cooking At The Key

During the last half-term in Cooking, our pupils explored everything that is British. They made their own classic biscuits using cutters, and they experimented with different coloured fillings to make them unique. They carried out research into the history of Shrove Tuesday and then competed with each other to see how many times they could flip their pancakes. They discussed different British breakfast treats and attempted a challenging recipe to make their own crumpets.

The half-term continued with an exploration of a typical British menu and an investigation into what makes a hearty British pie and different types of pastry. Finally, pupils made their own jam to eat with scones.

To raise awareness of Red Nose Day, our pupils helped create treats for a charity bake sale. These included white chocolate-covered brownies, gingerbread stars, lemon drizzle cakes, cookies and marble cupcakes with white chocolate decorations. Pupils helped sell the items and the event was a wonderful success, raising £26 for Comic Relief!

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