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Bees, Lambs And Chicks - The Key's Pupils At Bedales

Our Tuesday afternoon outdoor work sessions at Bedales continue to progress well – we now feel as though we're part of the furniture up there. The school's staff are all supportive and friendly, making the experience extremely positive for all involved.

Preparing the oven-baked pizzas remains a highlight, but our pupils have been given opportunities to carry out many different activities since our last update on this blog. The last few weeks have seen the arrival of lambs and piglets on the farm, much to our delight. Our pupils helped set out a new field border fence, ready for the lambs once they are big enough to leave the barn. They also had to feed one of the lambs with powdered milk, as it had been away from its mum for too long. After struggling into some bee-keeping uniforms, the pupils also collected honey from one of the many hives dotted across the school's site.

In addition to all the work taking place at their school, Bedales also recently gave us some fertilised eggs, together with all the equipment needed to grow our very own Key chicks. These are currently located in Mrs Thomas’ office and we expect the chicks to hatch in about two weeks. If you're passing by the Centre, have a peek through the window to see how they are getting on. Ms Walker is building a chicken area for our courtyard, so that when our chicks are fully grown, they will hopefully provide us with fresh eggs for our Friday breakfasts!

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