• Ms B Penberthy

From Puzzles To Percentages - Maths At The Key

During this term Yellow group have been looking at GCSE topics such as circle theorems, simultaneous equations and surds. They have responded well to the challenge of more difficult topics and have enjoyed applying what they have learnt to ‘real life’ problems.

In Maths pupils recently finished looking at and creating their own tessellations. This half-term, pupils will study number and percentage. They will understand how to calculate percentages and how to calculate the percentage increase/decrease of a given amount.

This term has seen the one-to-one Maths intervention sessions continue. Several pupils have made excellent progress towards completing their Functional Skills tests. Each pupil follows a different programme of study which matches their needs and we are currently trialling an exciting computer-based package. If Maths intervention is of interest to your child then please get in touch with us.

The Maths 'Puzzle Of The Week 'continues and many students are receiving a full card for submitting correct entries. New puzzles are displayed around the Centre every Wednesday morning and are available during tutor time. The aim of these puzzles is to encourage the use of basic numeracy and problem-solving skills. These skills will enable pupils to access more advanced Maths concepts when they study Functional Skills Maths or GCSE Maths.

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