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Pens, Bird-Tables & Gardens - Design & Technology At The Key

In our Design & Technology lessons, the process of making and creating various objects remains as popular as ever, perhaps because it allows pupils to engage with the subject in a practical way. Their attitude towards using tools and machines is probably better than it has been at any other time at The Key, which is most pleasing and rewarding to see.

Pen-making has been successful, with some very professional-looking pens being turned using the lathe and the new pen-making mandrel. It is always a pleasure to see the faces of the young people when they use such tools and exceed their expectations.

During our recent 'Key Fest' we made a bird-feeding table which is now almost ready to be sited in the courtyard in the middle of the Centre. Seeds and and various paraphernalia have been bought to try to attract birds to the table.

To brighten up the courtyard, we engaged in a project of making plastic flowers which have helped transform a weed patch into what now looks like a wild garden. Pieces of scrap plastic were used to create some beautiful flowers. It is hoped that each new pupil will design their own flower and add it to the 'garden'.

We hold a Tech Club every Thursday for half an hour at the end of the day. During this time, pupils can either continue with the projects they're working on in their lessons or focus on something completely separate from anything else they may be doing or may have done in the past. They can also practise skills they may feel are in need of improvement. All are welcome to come along!

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