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Watching The Family Grow - Our Chickens Have Hatched!

Over the last few months, some very eggciting things have been happening at The Key. To mark our growing relationship with Bedales School, their staff recently donated a few eggs and all the equipment needed to incubate and nurture our very own chicks.

For 21 days we watched and noted the changes inside the eggs as they developed in the incubator. Mrs Thomas took charge of the eggs and made a wonderful chart to mark their progress. Several pupils asked if they could look inside the eggs, which prompted Mrs Thomas to create a gallery of photos of the eggs on her office door.

As the May half-term break approached, the eggs were were nearly due to hatch, so I took them home to look after them and was able to watch three of them hatching!

It's been a wonderful experience to watch the chicks growing from scrawny wet things to little balls of fluff and into what we think are going to be quite substantially-sized chickens.

Our pupils have enjoyed holding, feeding, cleaning, watering and caring for our new additions: Bertie, Lizzie and Spot. With help from some lovely locals, I have managed to obtain a chicken coop and some fencing for free. If anyone reading this could help with any further donations, we would be most grateful, as the chickens will need a larger enclosure very soon. Please feel free to contact our office if you think you might be able offer some help.

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