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The Power Of Words - English At The Key Gosport

Recent research has shown that many children with a limited vocabulary fail to reach their full academic potential. So, since the start of this term, at our Gosport site, we have been focussing on vocabulary enrichment for all of our pupils.

Each week, three words will be introduced. They will be displayed on our Word Power Windows, along with their definitions. Over the course of the week, activities will take place in a number of lessons, to aid pupils to remember the words. The vocabulary choices have been made by all of the teachers at The Key Gosport, in order to help pupils access written texts and exam questions. Rewards will be issued to pupils who participate in the activities and to those who use the words correctly in any context.

In the first three weeks of the term, the vocabulary choices were: perceive, ambiguous, explicit, alternative, significant, perspective, explicit, potential and differentiate.

It would be fantastic if you could share in this initiative with us by asking your child about the new words each week and encouraging them to use the words at home. Activities at home could include:

  • looking up meanings in a number of different dictionaries;

  • finding antonyms (opposites) and synonyms (words with similar meanings);

  • creating pupils' own dictionary meanings.

Please do let us know about any successes that your child has while using the words, so that they can be rewarded at the Centre.

We look forward to a year of boosting our pupils' vocabulary!

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