• Ms J Drew

The Key Gosport Selected For Arts Council Exhibition

We have received some amazing news at The Key Gosport this month. The Arts Council has selected our Centre to showcase pupils' artistic creations at the Head Office of the Department Of Education, with a special event taking place in London on 4th November which will be attended by MP Gavin Williamson, the Secretary Of State For Education. Cat Cooke, Senior Cultural Engagement Coordinator at Hampshire Cultural Trust and one of the organisers of this enterprise, has been relentless in her quest to share with ‘people of influence’ how incredibly creative our pupils are. Our involvement with this prestigious may well help with potential funding opportunities in the future for our Centre and other Education Centres in Hampshire.

As a Centre, we continue to strive to convey why art education is important. In our ongoing collaboration with Horizon 20:20, we have recently had the pleasure of hosting the special effects artist, Tom Rush, who has given our pupils the opportunity to create various sculptures. Please see the photos for examples of this work; I believe they show why The Arts Council has selected our Centre for their pupil exhibition.

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