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Pugs & Dragons - Design & Technology At The Key Havant

In our Design & Technology lessons at our Havant site we have faced the challenge of reintroducing a subject that had not been on offer for nearly a year. This has provided our pupils with opportunities to develop their ability to check the effectiveness of various tools, to practise correct sawing techniques and to learn how to sharpen a saw.

We have completed a variety of projects to familiarise everyone with the machines available. We started on acrylic as it is brittle and can easily be broken to make key rings. Our pupils now have a good understanding of how to protect their work with scrap wood and of the importance of hole placement if they want their work to stay in one piece.

We then moved onto clocks or puzzles for scroll saw work. We have some very skilled scroll saw users among the pupils: in the image of the pug below, every dark area indicates a blade change.

Our longest running project was the alphabet dragon (see above). The pupil who decided to work on it may have regretted his choice, as it was so time-consuming, but everyone agrees the result is well worth the effort that was put in.

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