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Building A Wall Of Art - Life Skills At The Key Gosport

In our Life Skills lessons in Gosport, we have recently covered a number of different topics and explored career options for our Key Stage 4 pupils. However, our most positive achievement has probably been to give pupils an opportunity to put their own stamp on the Centre.

Following discussions about the importance of feeling comfortable in our surroundings - and of how this can have a beneficial impact on our well-being - we decided to carry out a mini-makeover of room 11, the home of Life Skills. The pupils' engagement in this was excellent, and it was fantastic to see them showing off their artistic flair. As a result of their efforts, room 11 now features a wall of individual art, showcasing the work of several pupils.

The process of creating this art work gave our pupils many opportunities to enter into conversations about their behaviour at the Centre, their attitude towards academic work and the issues they face in their lives. Some of them even channelled these conversations into their art.

The therapeutic benefits of art are well documented, and this exercise allowed us to strengthen the relationships we always aim to build with our pupils, bringing staff and children together in a wonderful and memorable way. For many pupils, this marked a crucial part of their personal progress, as it was a moment in which they were able to overcome the sense that they sometimes don't consider themselves to feel 'at home' at the Centre.

We're looking forward to finding opportunities to carry out similar work around the Centre in the future.

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