• Mrs K Daley

Forming An EARA Group - Equality & Diversity At The Key Gosport

We are launching an Equality And Rights Advocates (EARA) group at The Key Gosport through our Pupil Voice meetings and our wider Equality And Diversity initiative. One of our first tasks - led by me and Mrs Sherwood - will be to ask our Pupil Voice panels to consider how we can celebrate diversity and to find areas for development in our Equality And Diversity work.

As a Centre, we have already planned various diversity-focused events and we recognise many national and international celebration days. It will be the task of the EARA to identify new, exciting ways to address the nine characteristics protected under the Equalities Act of 2010. They will need to consider how certain prejudicial attitudes and behaviours have an impact on their school community. They will then decide which aspects to concentrate on and how they can advocate for them within the Centre.

We already have two pupils who are interested in being part of the EARA group, but we are keen to open up this wonderful opportunity to more children. If you would like to be involved, please see me or Mrs Sherwood.

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