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Bleeping To Fitness - PE At The Key Gosport

by Ms Woods

So far in this academic year, we have focused our PE lessons on health and fitness and on how our lifestyle choices can have an impact on our bodies. As part of this focus, most of our pupils have completed the bleep test whilst measuring their heart rates before and after the exercise; this has helped them to recognise the importance of keeping healthy and fit. Many pupils became quite competitive over this, wanting to beat each other's results. Pupils have also planned their own circuit sessions and then completed them, a task which has been a huge success.

In the coming term, as GCSEs approach, Key Stage 4 pupils will concentrate on different competitive games, in the hope that this will place them in a relaxed frame of mind and able to tackle each day's learning tasks. Key Stage 3 pupils will focus on learning skills and rules for different sports, and then putting these into practise.

Finally, last term we started after-school fitness sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Several pupils have really enjoyed these. We plan to keep offering them for the foreseeable future in the hope that more pupils will attend.

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