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Christmas & Destroying Bridges - Design & Technology At The Key Gosport

by Mr Hiscock

In the first half of this term, pupils in Gosport designed and made toys, games or puzzles for either a toddler or a teenager. Some very good quality artefacts were produced -- some traditional and some with a modern twist. It was pleasing to see the pupils using a wide range of tools and machines.

In the latter half of the term, pupils worked on items to sell on the Christmas Fair stall at the Activity Day on 13th December. Making Christmas goods is always fun and it was noticeable how the mood became more cheerful as the pupils began to feel just that little bit more 'Christmassy'.

A few members of Red Group and Blue Group took on a structures-based project and made a bridge. The pupils did some research on structures and how they work and how triangulation is used to reinforce a structure. Their bridge had to span a gap of 315 mm and had to be made from card and art straws. The winning bridge held 11 kg of weights as well as the box they came in! Great fun was had 'testing to destruction'.

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