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From Brazil To Gosport - The Key's Pupils At Bedales

by Mr Ward

This year has seen the relationship between The Key Gosport and Bedales School blossom further (click here for another post on this subject). The academic year started with three of our pupils helping during Bedales' Badley Day. This is an annual event, named after the founder of the school, which provides current and former pupils opportunities to develop and put on events at various departments, with the aim of raising money for a nominated charitable endeavour.

The Outdoor Work Department, with whom we have been working closely for over a year now, very kindly decided that The Key was to be their chosen destination for any money raised, so our pupils helped theirs to make and sell pizzas in their amazing outdoor pizza oven. The long-term objective is to continue to grow funds so that we can build our own pizza oven at The Key Gosport. This would mean that on our Pizza Fridays our pupils could become fully involved with the whole cooking process, from making the dough, choosing the toppings and then baking the pizzas inside wood-fired oven. The pizzas made at Bedales really are some of the best we have ever tasted!

During the autumn term, the group of pupils we took to Bedales experienced various types of farm work, from shearing sheep to setting out new fields, feeding newly-born piglets and blacksmithing, all the while making the most of the superb hospitality offered at school's canteen. We are planning to take a different group in the spring term for similar experiences, and hopefully the warmer weather will enable us to spend more time outdoors and to get our hands dirty as much as possible.

Finally, we will be joining forces with a former Bedales pupil to start a joint drama project, the aim of which will be for pupils from both schools to appreciate that while differences do exist between people, the similarities between us are much more important. The plan is for this project to start in the summer term. A similar project has been completed in London and the favelas of Brazil. We are really looking forward to seeing how much our pupils will learn about themselves and also about a world to which they previously may not have had much access.

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