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Getting To The Heart Of The Matter - Science At The Key Havant

by Ms Affleck

So far this year in our Science lessons at The Key Havant, we have been studying organs, which has included examining the reproductive organs of a flowering plant and carrying out heart dissections. Our pupils have really enjoyed the practical aspects of this!

Our Year 10 pupils have been progressing through their GCSE curriculum and have been completing the practical requirements of their courses: they have investigated the sugar, protein and carbohydrate content of various foods, and they have also calculated the magnification of a light microscope. In addition, they had to make slides of onion and cheek cells, which they then had to measure. At the moment, pupils are studying the germination of seeds and and are learning about the factors that plants need in order to grow.

Our Year 11 pupils have had an exciting start to the year by completing their assessments for the Entry Level Certificate in Science, as well as continuing to prepare for their GCSE Biology exams.

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