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Healthy Alternatives - Food Technology At The Key Gosport

by Ms Harvey

In Food Technology lessons at The Key Gosport, pupils have been focusing on healthy eating over the last two terms. They have learned how to make healthier biscuits and cakes using oats, honey, semolina and bananas. They were surprised by how easy it was to make their own flatbreads using yeast. They made kebabs with fresh chicken and vegetables, and experimented with marinades using soy sauce, chilli and honey.

Prior to making banana bread, pupils had fun by playing a game that involved finding hidden bananas in the kitchen. Each banana had a question that needed to be matched to an appropriate answer. Pupils also learned that BED (Banana Equivalent Dose) is used as an informal method of measuring radiation!

In Food Technology pupils learn to understand the need for hygiene. They start each lesson by washing their hands. This is the required standard before any cooking can take place.

'Family dining' takes place twice a week at The Key Gosport. This is an opportunity for the pupils to experience mass catering as it involves them preparing the meals for the whole Centre's lunch. This helps pupils develop organisational skills and knife skills, and to appreciate the importance of using fresh ingredients and correct timing.

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