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It's All About Relationships - Life Skills & Enrichment At The Key Havant

by Mr Newton-Goode

So far this year, in our Life Skills & Enrichment lessons in Havant, our Key Stage 3 pupils have discussed the topics of human rights, values and responsibilities. They have had some very mature conversations about how we identify our values, how they shape our behaviour and how to recognise our rights and responsibilities.

The way most of our year 8 and 9 pupils have engaged with these subjects has been very impressive. They have considered relationships with our parents/carers and siblings, as well as relationships with teachers and even the relationships between world leaders and different countries.

Year 11 pupils are learning about sex and relationships, considering what makes a good parent/carer, why relationships break down, why people decide to get married and the impact that separation or divorce can have on family life. Their discussions have reflected a high level of maturity and honesty. It’s been especially pleasing to see so many pupils sharing personal stories about their own parents and carers.

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