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It's That Time Of Year Again - English At The Key Gosport

by Ms Holt

This is a busy time for our Year 11 pupils. They have just completed their second English language mock exam and are preparing for their final exams in June. They are currently preparing for the writing questions on the second exam paper, which include the following text types: magazine and newspaper articles; formal letters; leaflets and guides; reports; speeches and talks; and reviews. All our pupils would benefit from reading a newspaper or magazine article each week!

In addition, a special revision and homework booklet has been prepared for our pupils to use independently. The booklet contains information about how to approach the different reading questions, exemplar answers and a range of tasks to help pupils prepare for the exam. Copies have been provided to all pupils, but should parents/guardians wish to have another copy for use at home, they can contact our office. Pupils who are also preparing for the English Literature exam should review their set texts -- copies of revision aids can be collected from their English teacher.

Pupils in other years are currently studying a range of topics. Blue Group, having just completed a unit entitled Public Enemies, is now looking at the Gothic genre in the unit Blood, Beasts & All Things Gothic, whilst pupils in Orange Group are studying Of Mice And Men. Red Group has just completed Speaking & Listening work for the Functional Skills exams and will be moving on to study non-fiction writing, focused on the issue of big game hunting.

There have been many successes over the last term and it has been extremely pleasing to see the positive attitude of all our pupils and the progress they have made. I know that you will join me in wishing all of our wonderful Year 11s the best of luck in their final exams.

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