Remote Learning

Remote Learning Provision

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. As a school we are committed to ensuring that the education of all pupils at The Key Education Centre can continue at home, in the event that the whole school or certain pupils are unable to attend because of self-isolation.

At The Key Education Centre, we will provide remote learning via Google Classroom. This is an online platform that we began to use during the initial period of restrictions and have continued to use as part of our daily teaching practices. We are confident that most pupils will be able to use this resource with ease.

Each pupil has been given an individual login and password. Should a pupil have any issues with logging in, please contact us at

Remote Learning Policy.docx.pdf

Remote Learning Policy

If you are not using a Chromebook, please click this link to be taken to Google Classroom where you will be asked to sign in using your The Key Education Centre login details.

We have a created a website which should help you to understand the basic functions of the G-Suite and how to use some of the resources available to you.

Remote Learning FAQ

Q. Why are all pupils not accessing Remote Learning during lockdown?

The Key Education Centre is categorised as an Alternative Provision. Currently all alternative provision and special schools are fully open to support the needs of their cohorts.

In specific circumstances, it can be agreed with parents/carers that a pupil can access remote learning following a risk assessment and discussion with a member of the leadership team.

Q. What does the curriculum include for pupils working remotely?

In the event that pupils are unable to access face-to-face teaching, remote learning will be assigned via Google Classroom in accordance with pupils' normal timetable. For pupils on a part-time timetable, work will be set in accordance with full-time provision and pupils will have the opportunity to access work outside of their usual provision should they wish.

All pupils will have access to the full curriculum that is taught in the Centre.

We have included copies of the timetables below should you or your child wish to look at the work they can expect to receive each day.

Q. What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day or two of pupils being required to work remotely?

In the event that pupils are unable to access face-to-face teaching, remote learning will be assigned via Google Classroom (as outlined above). As soon as we are made aware of the need for a pupil to access remote learning, a member of staff will make contact to enquire about access to a suitable device and internet access. If a pupil requires a device to access remote learning, this will be delivered by a member of staff as soon as possible.

Q. How long can I expect work set by the school to take my child each day?

The guidance for remote education published by the DfE states that secondary age pupils should have access to 4 hours of learning each day. As our remote learning provision follows the timetable for the normal school day, pupils will have access to 4.5 hours of learning.

We are very mindful of the pressures that many of our families are under to facilitate remote learning and are committed to supporting parents to do their best in these circumstances.

Q. How are the school supporting pupils identified as being entitled to Free School Meals?

All families who are entitled to Free School Meal provision will be issued with vouchers for a supermarket/shop of their choice in a method which is best suited to them.

Enquiries around Free School Meals will be dealt with by the welfare team who can be contacted by calling reception.

Families who are not entitled to Free School Meals but are experiencing financial hardship should contact the welfare team and will endeavour to support where we can.

Q. Why has The Key Education chosen not to teach live lessons?

We are mindful that individual pupils work at a different pace which is why we have decided not to run live lessons and instead have chosen to adopt an asynchronous approach to remote learning.

Asynchronous learning enables pupils to access work in their own time and complete it at their own pace. This allows pupils to take breaks and revisit material. Alternative approaches - such as live zoom or Teams lessons - can be problematic for pupils who struggle to engage in learning, are easily distracted or have SEN needs. Quality of internet connection can lead to delays which can cause frustration and live lessons can cause anxieties for some pupils.

We are mindful of the risk of social isolation for pupils working remotely, and are currently exploring optional opportunities for video calls for tutor time and weekly assemblies.

Q. How will you ensure that remote learning supports pupils with SEN?

At The Key Education Centre, we pride ourselves on providing personalised learning as all of our pupils are considered to have special education needs.

Teachers are required to provide work which takes into consideration the needs of individual pupils and Google Classroom allows us to set bespoke work based on need.

Regular monitoring of work set, pupil engagement and parent feedback allows us to review the quality of the remote learning provision and we encourage parents to share any feedback they have with us.

Q. How will you check whether my pupil is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

Pupil engagement in remote learning is monitored on a daily basis and tracked across each week. Parents/carers should expect a weekly phone call from their pupil's tutor as part of our welfare processes and engagement will be discussed as part of this call.

Where pupil engagement is highlighted as a significant concern, parents/carers will be contacted by the Heads of Curriculum to ensure any barriers to learning are identified and addressed.

Q. How will you assess my pupil's work and progress?

Remote learning guidance issued by the DfE states that pupils accessing remote learning should receive weekly feedback on work submitted. Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. For example, quizzes marked automatically via digital platforms are also valid and effective methods, amongst many others.

Pupils at The Key will receive a minimum of one piece of marking and feedback each week. This will include grading using our MAQ (Mastery, Active Learner and Quality) grades that we use as part of normal practice alongside written feedback in the 'private comments' section (meaning that these comments are not shared with the whole class).

Pupils are encouraged to respond to the feedback and resubmit their work to their teacher.

Q. How can I raise queries or seek assistance about the remote education for my pupil?

Remote learning is a new way of working for pupils, staff and parents. Whilst every effort has been made to prepare pupils and staff for remote learning we are mindful that there are always areas that require further support or improvement.

At The Key Education Centre we welcome feedback from all stakeholders to improve the quality of our provision and are keen to work with families to make remote learning during these already difficult times as simple and as effective as possible.

Pupils are welcome to message teachers directly using the 'private comment' function on Google Classroom or they can call reception and we will endeavour to resolve any issues.

We encourage parents to share feedback in their weekly tutor calls but also welcome feedback via telephone or email to our admin team.