Covid-19 Updates

Any updates on the ever-changing Covid-19 situation can be found here the website, on our Facebook page and in our newsletter. Any urgent updates will be sent via School Comms.

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on the 30th December all pupils are expected to attend school as normal on Wednesday 6th January 2021 unless they are required to self-isolate.

Update: School returns on Wednesday 6th January 2021

Following the government's announcement regarding the requirements for schools to support the National Testing Programme for Covid-19, we are going to be utilising an additional INSET day (as agreed by the government) to enable us to undertake the necessary training and planning required to effectively deliver the rapid coronavirus testing of pupils and staff from January 2021 to identify asymptomatic cases.

The Key Education Centre is categorised as an Alternative Provision and due to the INSET that we already had planned on the first day of term, pupils at The Key will be expected to return for face-to-face teaching on Wednesday 6th January.

National Testing Programme

As part of the National Testing programme, pupils and staff are entitled to receive two lateral flow tests on their return to school. Please see the letter from the Head teacher which provides information on national testing programme in schools

For more information about lateral flow testing please visit the following links which include government information videos:

Please contact us if you have any queries using the school admin email addresses.

Testing Programme FAQ

Please use the following link for frequently ask questions about the testing programme in schools

Testing Programme Consent

To participate in the testing programme, we require parental consent for all pupils. We ask that you visit the following link to complete a consent form

If you wish to inform us that you are not intending to give consent, please confirm this by completing the form at the following link

NHS Test and Trace Covid-19 Testing: Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice - Pupil testing.pdf

Covid-19 Testing Privacy Statement Pupils

Privacy Notice - Staff testing.docx.pdf

Covid-19 Testing Privacy Statement Staff

Privacy Notice - for supply of contact details by schools for management of Covid-19 testing.pdf

Covid-19 Testing Privacy Statement Staff Workforce

Face Coverings

Pupils and staff are required to wear face coverings in corridors and other communal areas. Some staff and pupils may be exempt from this guidance.

Visitors and parents/carers are required to wear face coverings on entering the building. We request that all visits to the centre are by appointment only.

Jan Covid-19 Updated Documents for 5th January 2021 (2).pdf

Covid-19 Documentation

Updated January 2020

Please find attached our documentation covering the following aspects of our Covid-19 measures to ensure we are a Covid Secure provision. The document includes:

  1. Control Measures Document

  2. Revised Risk Assessment

  3. Guidance on safe wearing and removal of face coverings in school

  4. Flowchart for dealing with a suspected case of Covid-19

  5. Site specific catering arrangements

Behaviour Policy Addendum

Please see our Covid-19 addendum to the behaviour policy. The main behaviour policy can be found on our policies page.

Behaviour Policy addendum C19 second phase.pdf

Remote Learning

Please see our dedicated Remote Learning page for more information about the provision in place for pupils self-isolating due to Covid-19.

Guidance on when to send your child to school

Hampshire County Council have issues a flowchart to support parents/carers to identify when to send a pupil to school.

Please contact reception if you have any concerns around a potential Covid-19 case and a member of the team will advise you of any next steps.

Public Health England Letter to Parents.pdf

A Letter from NHS England

Please see a letter issued on 23 September by NHS Test and Trace regarding when to seek a Covid-19 test.