Statutory Policies

Accessibility Plan

KEC policy stat Accessibility Plan MAR2019.pdf


KEC policy stat Admissions SEP2021.pdf


KEC policy stat Behaviour JUN2020.pdf

Capability of Staff

KEC policy stat Capability Of Staff OCT2021.pdf


KEC policy stat Careers Statement MAR2021.pdf

Child Protection

KEC policy stat Child Protection NOV2021.pdf
Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School
KEC policy stat Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend OCT20.pdf


KEC policy stat Complaints Procedures SEP2021.pdf

Designated Teacher

KEC policy stat Designated Teacher JAN2020.pdf

ECT (formerly NQT)

KEC policy stat Early Career Teacher And NQT SEP2021.pdf


KEC policy stat Equality JUL2021.pdf


KEC policy stat Exclusion JUN2020.pdf

First Aid

KEC policy stat First Aid FEB2021.pdf

GDPR and Data Protection

KEC policy stat GDPR Data Protection MAR2020.pdf


KEC policy stat Grievance JAN20.pdf

Health And Safety

KEC policy stat Health And Safety OCT2020.pdf

Non-Examination Assessment

KEC policy stat Non-examination Assessment MAY2020.pdf


KEC policy stat Pay NOV2021.pdf

Premises Management

KEC policy stat Premises Management Document MAR2021.pdf

Pupil Premium Strategy

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2022 v2.pdf

SEND ( see also 'SEND Report' below)

KEC policy stat SEND NOV2021.pdf

Sex And Relationships Education

KEC policy stat Sex Relationships Education SEP2020.pdf

Staff Code Of Conduct

KEC policy stat Staff Code Of Conduct NOV2021.pdf

Supporting Pupils With Medical needs

KEC policy stat Supporting Pupils With Medical Conditions SEP2020.pdf

Non-Statutory Policies


KEC policy nonstat Anti Bullying FEB2021.pdf


KEC policy nonstat Bereavement MAY2020.pdf

Code of conduct for Management Committee

KEC policy nonstat Man Comm Code Of Conduct OCT2021.pdf

Community Partnerships

KEC policy nonstat Community Partnership JUL2021.pdf


KEC policy nostat Disciplinary NOV2021.pdf

Drugs Policy

KEC policy nonstat Drugs Policy Nov 2021.pdf


KEC policy nonstat Exams JUL2019.pdf

Exams - Lockdown during public exam

KEC policy nonstat Intruder Lockdown - Exams JAN2022.pdf

Financing schools scheme

KEC policy nonstat Financing Schools Scheme JUL2021.pdf

Fitness and Suitability for work

KEC policy nonstat Fitness & Suitability For Work SEP2021.pdf

Lone working

KEC policy nonstat Lone Working JAN2022.pdf

Low level concerns

KEC policy nonstat Low Level Concerns NOV2021.pdf

Marking and feedback

Marking and Feedback Policy.docx.pdf

Managing Sickness Absence Policy

KEC policy nonstat Staff Absence JUL2021.pdf

Off-site Activities

KEC policy nonstat Offsite Activities MAR2020.pdf

Online Safety

KEC policy nonstat Online Safety MAY2020.pdf


KEC policy nonstat Purchasing JUL2021.pdf

Quality Assurance

Non-Stat KEC Quality Assurance Policy NOV 2021.docx.pdf

Recruitment Policy

KEC policy nonstat Recruitment SEP2021.pdf

Remote Learning

Remote Learning Policy.docx.pdf


KEC policy nonstat Safeguarding NOV2021.pdf

Self-harm - under review

SEN report

KEC policy nonstat SEN Report NOV2021.pdf

Social Media for Staff

KEC policy nonstat Social Media For Staff MAY2020.pdf

Staff dress code

KEC policy nonstat Staff Dress Code OCT2020.pdf

Teacher Training

KEC policy nonstat Teacher Training JUN2020.pdf


Non-Stat KEC Wellbeing Policy May 2021.pdf

Well-being charter

Wellbeing charter.pdf


KEC policy nonstat Whistle Blowing JUN2020.pdf