Outreach Training

Over the last three years we have offered training and ongoing support for local partners, at a range of levels, from nursery up to college, both in the education system and beyond, including local youth services and charities, as can be seen below.

This training has included welcoming our partners to engage with specialist training that we have organised, as detailed above, and offering ongoing external supervision on a half termly basis, to support our colleagues in their wellbeing and help develop their skills in Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice (ATIP).

It has also involved our in-house training team going out into the local community to develop excellent practice in other provisions, so as many staff as possible are utilising the ATIP principles we believe have a significant positive impact on pupil outcomes.

We have delivered training on all the content that has been briefly described on this site, plus other, more specialised content, particularly focusing on setting up a culture of supervision. We are always very keen to find new partners to collaborate with so please do contact us (details at the bottom of the page) if you think that some of the content described would be useful in your setting and would like to know more!

We offer training in the following areas:

  • The Neuroscience of attachment

  • Impact of stress on brain development

  • Executive Functioning

  • Risk & Resilience: The impact of trauma over the life course

  • Stress, trauma and behaviour

  • De-escalation and the Conflict cycle: Awareness of the teacher's role in any heightened behaviour

  • Proactive co-regulation strategies ('Behaviour management')

  • Moving from behaviourist to a relational model of 'behaviour management' & Restorative practice

  • Emotion Coaching and importance of Empathy

  • The role of care in teaching

  • Reframing the Narrative: Understanding what is going on underneath the observable behaviour

  • Developing staff reflective practice

  • Implementing regular supervision sessions for staff and offering ongoing supervisory support

  • Understanding the importance of staff wellbeing and Secondary Trauma

  • Sensory considerations of development

  • The importance of narrative, stories and awareness of identity

  • Strengths based and solution focused approach to pastoral support (for both pupils and staff)

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Insight into the association between educational outcomes and disadvantage

  • Promoting parental engagement, through the use of research based best practice

  • Improving questioning and listening skills in pastoral support (for both pupils and staff)

If you would like further information about any of these topics, please visit our dedicated ATIP site:

List of schools and partners we have provided training to and collaborated with so far

Henry Cort

Cams Hill

Crookhorn Community College

Bridgemary School


Newtown Primary

Hayling School

Crofton School

Cowplain School

Brune Park

Bay House

Fareham Academy

If you are interested in starting a discussion around training please do not hesitate to get in touch via email: o.ward@thekey.hants.sch.uk