Pupil Voice @ The Key

Why Pupil Voice is important!

Research commissioned by FutureLab, presented in their research paper Learner engagement: a review of learner voice initiatives across the UK's education sectors, highlights that "Being listened to and being taken seriously fosters a positive relationship between learners and their educators. It encourages a positive sense of self in both parties which can have an enormous impact on individuals’ learning outcomes. " (Walker and Logan, 2018)

For many of the pupils who attend The Key, their previous experiences of education have not always been positive. At The Key we are committed to ensuring that pupils feel they have a say in their education and have a confident understanding of the decisions that are made regarding the curriculum and the wider school. Pupil Voice forms an important part of this process and enables pupils to provide feedback on a range of areas.

Our Pupil Voice Model

Our Pupil Voice model seeks to encourage the greatest number of pupils to engage in Pupil Voice opportunities.

Pupil Voice activities take place each half-term during one of our RSHE lessons. During this lesson pupils are able to choose which committee they would like to contribute to.

Once the committee have agreed on 2-3 ideas, representatives attend a meeting with a link member of SLT to discuss their proposals. Where there are financial implications, pupils are supported to provide an idea of costings.

The outcomes of the meeting are fed back to staff and pupils in an assembly.

Recently, Pupil Voice has proposed the following:

  • A school pet

  • Enrichment time

  • Wearing slippers in school

  • Bike maintenance facilities

The Strategic Leads for Pupil Voice are:

Mr Neil Williams (Assistant Headteacher: Pedagogy, Progress and Curriculum - Havant Site)

Mrs L. Sherwood (Head of Core Curriculum - Gosport Site)