Examinations and Qualifications

Exam Results

In light of the impact of the Covid-19 restrictions, we are really proud of the results that our pupils were awarded this summer. As a school we feel very confident that the results reflect the grades our pupils would have attained in the summer examinations. All pupils were supported in the transition to further education, employment and training through the support of our Careers and Post-16 team and Hampshire Futures.

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Headlines - Gosport Site

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Headlines - Havant Site

Mock Exams

Exams can cause significant anxiety for pupils due to the nature of exam conditions and the pressure pupils put upon themselves to achieve. At The Key, we feel it is important to familiarise pupils with examinations and therefore organise mock exam weeks to support with this. Mock exams can also function to identify exam concessions and areas of study which require revision.

At the moment, mock exams take place for Year 10 pupils at the end of the summer term and twice in Year 11.

Pupils will always be given notice of mock exams and we will work with them to manage any anxieties or concerns. Please do not hesitate to contact your pupil's tutor if you wish to discuss mock exams further.

Exam Boards

For pupils who begin Key Stage 4 courses at The Key we aim to provide them with a broad and balanced curriculum offer which enables them to achieve a range of accreditations.

For pupils who join us during their KS4 course, we will assess - through discussion with pupils and parents/carers - the most suitable route moving forwards and always endeavour to support pupils to continue their studies.

Where a pupil has begun a course on an different exam board to that taught at The Key we will consider this on an individual basis.