Our Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

At The Key Education Centre, our curriculum focuses on preparing pupils for life in modern Britain. For many pupils who join us at the Centre, their experiences of learning have been detrimentally impacted by a wide range of academic and/or emotional barriers. Consequently, our curriculum seeks to reignite a passion for learning across a range of subject areas whilst being fundamentally underpinned by the valuable skills they will need for life beyond The Key.

Our provision gives access to traditional ‘core’ curriculum areas such as English, Maths, Science and PE alongside our ‘foundation’ subjects which cover a wide range of subject areas. Pupils at KS3 and KS4 also access our Life Skills programme which covers a broad range of topics outside of the traditional curriculum. Life Skills also includes the main body of our careers programme and incorporates much of the statutory content required within the RSE curriculum. RSHE is also delivered on a weekly basis as part of our tutoring programme.

Pupils are supported to achieve accreditation at a range of levels - with all pupils having access to GCSE and Functional Skills qualifications alongside our use of BTEC qualifications and Arts Award which is supported by Hampshire's Horizon 20:20 project.

The curriculum at The Key Education Centre is overseen by Miss Emma Wood (Head of School, Gosport) and Mr Neil Williams (Assistant Headteacher, Havant) who have the responsibility for Pedagogy, Progress and Curriculum on their respective sites.

Curriculum audits and other quality assurance tasks are undertaken throughout the academic year to ensure that the provision ensures the best outcomes for the pupils at The Key.